Aria Chic Company was formed in 2016 after a major merger between the biggest distributors of luxury perfume, cosmetics and make up brands.  Considering Iran has significant and growing potentials in the field, the company considers it as first priority to take steps in both import and production of beauty products.

With dedicated professional team & expert in commercial & marketing Aria Chic presented Iran market to international companies & became sole agent of more than 35 brands for Iran local market excluding duty free. With extensive and powerful network for distribution, all products are well distributed and positioned in all major cities apart from Tehran.

Since 2018 the company has taken a fundamental step towards the production and creation of new local made in Iran brands, and by setting up a factory & equipping it with the most modern machineries bought from prominent European companies, now it is producing skin care products under license and make up in very near future.

 Providing the best after-sales service and implementation of global standards in the distribution network is one of the advantages that differentiate Aria Chic Company from other competitors in the market. The company’s vision is to reach the strongest position and the first rank in the country in the production, distribution and export of cosmetics, health and perfume products during the next two years & to expand its trade to the point where it can also benefit from exports to neighboring countries.  

امید است که با پشت سر گذاشتن مراحل قانونی و اخذ مجوز های لازم در بخش صادرات نیز یکه تاز بوده و محصولات تولید داخلی را به مشتریان و مشتاقان در کشور های حوزه خلیج و اروپا معرفی نماییم.

فروشگاه ها

به منظور بهینه سازی عملکرد تیم فروشگاهها و سیاست در تفکیک نیروهای کاری جهت تمرکز در کار و با هدف ارتقاء دانش تیم در قسمت خرده فروشی در سال 2016 فروشگاه هایی در این راستا تاسیس شده است.

Mission & Vision

Introducing the Iranian market and it’s opportunities to international companies , Expanding trade and exports to other countries , Having a professional and experienced team , Providing desirable services to customers , Applying up-to-date and high standards in field of production, distribution and sale , To become the most powerful company in production, distribution and export of cosmetic products in next 2 years.

Social Commitments

Conscious investment

Focus on corporate policies that are morally & socially beneficial to individuals & society

Participation in charity projects & fundraising for low-income people

Involve in fair trade

Applying latest standards & methods in production of the products.